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A social awareness app

Red Handed

Red Handed is an app that helps victims of crime by catching and deterring criminals. Red Handed empowers the public to record and broadcast suspicious, violent, or criminal activity.

Red Handed gives users the ability to help determine the validity of a published report by; viewing, voting, and sharing the report among their peers.

See the main features below.

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Participate in social awareness by voting on posts that you feel are credible or are of concern; or not. Each vote is used to rank the importance of a report.


Broadcast and provide information that may help apprehend criminals while not exposing your identity and not interupting your schedule.

Location aware

Get notified of nearby crimes and incidents as they happen, Live.


New to a city? Check the map to see the trouble spots. It will indicate areas of high levels of reporting density.

Get notified

Set up your "Hood", a map based area. Red Handed will notify you of incident reports submitted from that area.


Crime trend analysis

A key outcome of Red Handed is crime and suspicious activity data collection. Each report provides; time, location and type of incident, giving an in depth overview of localised social disruptions.

The platform

The driving idea behind the Red Handed platform is the belief that the majority of people want to live in a peaceful, safe community. Unfortunately, there will always be a small minority of people that are determined to undermine the safety and welfare of others.

Red Handed has been created to empower everyday people to broadcast incidents that they feel are significant enough to report on; from assaults and brawls, to car crashes.

Using the power of social platforms, Red Handed aims to achieve a real, tangible increase in public safety and crime awareness on a global scale. Together, let’s rein in senseless, needless violence on our streets and help authorities find and catch perpetrators.