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Help reduce crime with Red Handed

Red Handed is the mobile app you need to record or upload video of alleged criminal or antisocial behaviour.

Our specialised crime reporting smartphone app can quickly distribute crime video to a global audience in near real-time.

Notifications of crime occurring are sent to Red Handed users. They can find the crime's location via the map feature, and footage can be shared via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

* the term "crime" is used in a generic sense and as a colloquial term. It is understood that all crimes are alleged until proven as a crime under law.

How Red Handed works

By simply launching Red Handed and pressing the record button your smartphone (either Android or iPhone) will record photos, video and location information and distribute it to the following locations:

Anyone that has Red Handed installed and is in the area will get notified and can see the video in near real time. Anyone that has set Red Handed to monitor the area via the "Hood" setup in Red Handed or website.

This may include law enforcement agents or the media. Anyone looking at the Red Handed website.

Red Handed

Use Red Handed when...

1. You want to report/publish an incident recorded on video but remain anonymous.

2. The reporter sees an incident and wants to ensure video evidence is collected and distributed quickly to a wide audience, increasing the chance that the victim will be helped before its too late.

3. The incident may not be perceived significant enough to call emergency services, but the reporter wants to expose it.

4. There are multiple witnesses to the crime, some report the crime via traditional methods, others record the crime on Red Handed to ensure that evidence is collected and quickly distributed.

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Why use Red Handed


You witness a crime or incident

How can you help without putting yourself at risk? You have a dilemma in that you want to help, but you know that you could be the next victim if you intervene.

Use Red Handed to report and broadcast the incident, capturing valuable footage and notifying others without putting yourself in imminent danger.


A crime happens near your vicinity or in an area of interest:

A violent or antisocial act is rarely an isolated incident.

With some people abusing, alcohol, drugs and steroids it's common for someone who starts an assault to then keep committing violent crimes until they are stopped, there can be many victims before this occurs.


Red Handed will alert you if a crime happens around you or in the area you designate.

This can help you and your friends and your family keep away from an identifiable attacker or crime hot spot.

Near real-time video, combined with map locations and smartphone notifications provide an unmatched warning system.

Authorities & Reporters

There is no faster way of getting accurate crime reports with video.

As an enforcement officer or reporter you can download Red Handed for iPhone or Android free of charge, you can then set the "Hood" location to the area you are wanting to monitor. You will be notified of new reports as soon as someone records a report within your Hood. You can watch the video, look at the location and even have Red Handed direct you to the crime location.


Is Red Handed linked to Police/Law Enforcement, if not why not?

Red Handed is a global app, meaning anywhere you go in the world you can record a crime that you may see. Policing is a country, state or even county based operation, making it impossible to have formal arrangements with thousands of Police departments worldwide. We do however make it easy for any Police force to use our applications, data and website to assist in apprehending criminals and we encourage this use.

How does the technology work?

Red Handed uses sophisticated smartphone technology coupled with cloud servers to maximize speed and the ability to send as much photo and video evidence to the server as possible in a range of cellular network conditions. This information is then distributed to relevant people, particularly those in the area, receiving notification alerts.

What if I record a crime in an area with a poor cellular service?

When recording a crime Red Handed will record photos and video. It will first send photo and location data to the server, which means that if your connection is slow it will send a summary quickly. This summary will be sent to other users and since it's a small amount of data they are likely to get it even if they have a slow connection. As video is much larger it will be sent after the photos. If you have a reasonable cellular connection the video will be distributed in close to real- time.

What happens if I record a crime in an area where there is no cellular or wifi access?

Red Handed will record the crime as normal and you will be alerted that it can not be sent yet. As soon as you are in an area with cellular or wifi access and you open the app it will send the crime video.

What are the "Crime" and "Not Crime" buttons for?

It's important that we validate a crime to ensure that it's real before we distribute it widely. Users can decide how many notifications they get. We use the "Crime" and "Not Crime" to determine if it is a real crime; if it is, we distribute to a much wider audience. If you want to get all crime regardless of the vote it can easily be set in the applications settings.

Can I distribute crime to people that may not have Red Handed?

Yes, you can easily share a report to Facebook or Twitter or any other platform via the share URL.

Someone I care about is going to a dangerous area, is there any way I can look out for them?

Yes, simply set your "hood" area in the settings screen in the app to the area the person is going to be and you will be alerted about any crimes in that area. If you see the person is a crime victim you can be directed straight to the location by choosing "Direct me to the Incident" via the options button on the report.